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Friday, January 15, 2010


8 Apr 1995

This booklet has been long in the making - and I still have more to be done. However, I've decided to put together what I now have.

While I was looking at the Wisconsin Federal Census of 1860, Portage County, for my mother's Roe ancestors, I accidentally came across the Blakey family - a surprise since my Grandfather George supposedly was born in Hayward, Wis. The census (a copy is included here) shows Henry and Jemima, an older couple Edward and Margaret (Henry's parents), and James all born in England and Emily born in Wis.

By the 1870 Federal Census, they had moved to Jackson County, Minnesota - Emily had died and George had been born (in Wis.) Edward was listed alone, indicating his wife Margaret had died (I did find in the Mortality Schedule that she died in February of that year). Family tradition says that both Margaret and Emily were buried on the family farm.

By 1880, James had married and was listed with his wife; Henry and Jemima were listed with George and Will, their third son. Edward had remarried a Martha Haggard (a relative of James wife?) and had four children. I have found no trace of them anywhere.

An affidavit attached to a land record in 1904 states that in 1882 Edward left his family and returned to England, dying there in 1889. I have yet to verify that.

Besides the Census, I have included copies of obituaries (not every statement in obits. is accurate), and pictures, plus computer printouts of descendants. I would appreciate corrections, additions, suggestions, help in research, etc.
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voxdoc said...

Actually by the 1875 MN State Census, Edward had already married Martha and had two children, Martha E. and Ernest E. By the 1880 Census Alma J. and Albert H. had been born.

voxdoc said...

The date of a post is not necessarily when that post was created. It is only for the convenience of ordering the posts. As new material has been found and added it has been necessary to move the posts so that they remain in a logical order.

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