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Friday, December 4, 2009

BLAKEY Gravestones

BLAKEY Gravestones, Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, MN (Date unknown). Photo by Verla Williams.

BLAKEY Gravestones. Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, MN (24 May 2008). Photo by Verla Williams. Notice the larger stone has had some inscriptions added.

Closeup of large BLAKEY Gravestone. Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, MN (24 May 2009). Photo by Verla Williams. Henry 1829-1904, Jemimia (Thorp) 1829-1905, James E. 1856-1928, Roseanna (Haggard) 1861-1894.


voxdoc said...

From the placement of this photo in the book, it is assumed that the larger tombstone is that of Henry and Jemima. The engraving on the smaller gravestone reads, "Cora A. Blakey, Born Sep 3 1881, Died Jan 22 1904. Cora RIDGEWAY BLAKEY was the wife of William BLAKEY, the third son of Henry and Jemima. The gravestone behind and to the left of Cora's is that of Lottie and George BLAKEY.

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