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Monday, December 28, 2009

Some of the Men Who Toiled Early and Late to Build Jackson

"Some of the Men Who Toiled Early and Late to Build Jackson," (Newspaper and date unknown). Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Update (3 Nov 2009): I received from Linda Doepel a much higher quality scan of this image which I reproduce below. She found it in a book called An Illustrated History of Jackson County.

Pioneers. Illustration from Arthur P. Rose, An Illustrated History of Jackson County, Minnesota (Jackson, MN: Northern History Publishing Co., 1910), p. 147. Image courtesy of Linda Doepel.

Rose (1910, 119) also mentions Henry Blakey and his father Edward as some of the early settlers of Des Moines Township:
Jackson township (renamed Des Moines by act of the board of county commissioners May 16, 1866) had the other townships of the tier attached to it at the time of organization, as well as the tier north of it. It lost the northern tier early in 1867 by the organization of Belmont township, Wisconsin in 1869, and the townships to the west in 1872. Following are the early settlers of Des Moines who received titles from the government and the years the patents were issued:

. . . 1873, Milton Mason (4), Martin L. Bromaghim (12), Alpheus C. Marshall (12), Welch Ashley (12), Hans Chesterson (15), Stanton F. Stone (18), Hiram II. Stone (18), Emmet Miner (20-21), Joseph E. Fields (26-27), Horace L. Trumbull (27), Levi Bennett. Jr. (28), Henry Blakey (28), Edward J. Orr (29), Jesse E. Prescott (30), Orson Cook (30), Michael Smith (30), William R. Maddock (33), Edward Davies (34); 1874, Hans Stall (2), Hans Hanson (2), Erick Christianson (2), Edward Blakey (27-28); . . .


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