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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Carbon Monoxide Gas Rule As Cause of Orville Blakey Death

"Carbon Monoxide Gas Ruled As Cause of Orville Blakey Death."

Carbon Monoxide Gas Ruled As Cause of Orville Blakey Death

The death of Orville Blakey, 65, whose body was found Wednesday evening in his garage, has been pronounced as being due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dr. W. B. Wells, county coroner, who investigated the incident, ruled the death accidental.

Blakey, who has been employed at the Willett Gravel Co. the past 13½ years and had been foreman of the block plant much of that time, was found in his garage Wednesday after the supper hour by Clarence Lentz and Jack Backer.

He had gone to his garage as usual Wednesday morning to get his car ready to drive to work. When he didn't return home for his noon meal, the gravel company was called and word received he had not reported for work.

After Blakey failed to return for supper, Mrs. Hazel Lentz who works at the Blakey home called her son Clarence to look in the garage. When Lentz peered through the garage window and saw two red lights aglow on the dashboard, he asked Backer if he would go into the building with him.

Blakey was found alongside the car and may have suffered a heart attack or stumbled on a pair of rubbers and knocked himself unconscious. The car apparently had been started and then the engine killed. The ignition was on, causing the dashboard lights that Lentz observed.

Blakey had recently decided to retire on social security from his work at the Willett plant but after a week or so of being idle found he would rather be occupied. He had made arrangements to check further into social security before returning to the job L. J. Willett of the gravel company said he could have back. Blakey's appointment with the social security representative was for the following day.

A complete obituary appears elsewhere in this issue.


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