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Thursday, September 24, 2009

George and Lottie BLAKEY 50th Wedding Anniversary

"Married Fifty Years Tuesday," Jackson County Pilot (23 Nov 1944). Newspaper courtesy of Verla Williams. Composite image scanned and partially digitally restored by Mark D. Williams.

Detail of Jackson County Pilot (23 Nov 1944).

Married Fifty Years Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. George Blakey

The comfortable farm home of Mr. and Mrs. George Blakey in Des Moines township, was the scene of a happy gathering of relatives and friends Sunday afternoon at which time Mr. and Mrs. Blakey were privileged to celebrate the anniversary of their golden wedding, surrounded by their relatives and neighbors.

Residents of Jackson county for the entire span of their lives, Mrs. Blakey, a daughter of a pioneer family, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Kephart, and Mr. Blakey, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blakey, were united in marriage at the Kephart farm home, November 21, 1894, with Rev. H. C. Cheadle of the Jackson Presbyterian church officiating. They immediately set up housekeeping on their present farm where ever since they have been prominent in the Des Moines community and where their two sons, Orville and Verland, were born.

The celebration Sunday, while a quiet one, was greatly enjoyed by all who had a part in the happy affair. Friends and neighbors came early to the Blakey home with well-filled baskets of dainty edibles and a delicious lunch was served. Among the guests that took advantage of the successful occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Blakey's two sons, together with Verland's family of Windom; Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kephart, Wm. Kephart, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rost of Lakefield; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pearson of Middletown township and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dorschner of Des Moines township.

There are no better known and beloved residents of the Des Moines community than Mr. and Mrs. Blakey who during their long years of residence have won the love and respect of the large list of acquaintances, and the Pilot, along with their many other friends and neighbors wish for them many future years of a life filled with peace and plenty.


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