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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sharon BLAKEY Childhood Photos

Sharon BLAKEY at 3 months (Jackson, MN: Knowlton Studio, 1946). Image courtesy of Sharon Asche.

Sharon BLAKEY (1946). Image courtesy of Sharon Asche.

Sharon BLAKEY (Date unknown). Image courtesy of Sharon Asche.

Sharon BLAKEY (Date unknown). Photographer unknown.


Mark D. Williams said...

Email from Verla Williams:

I remember this day ___ years ago. Dad had taken Mom to the hospital, and we three kids waited at home. It was 9:30 when Dad got back home, and he called up the stairs, (we obedient kids were in bed) "It's a girl!" I yelled, "Yippee!!". Guess my thought was I was no longer the only girl in the family.

I also remember the story, and I don't know the names, that 2 of Mom's friends met either downtown or someplace, and the one said, "Did you hear that Agnes had a baby girl?", and the other responded, "No way. I saw her on the street just a little while ago, and she wasn't even pregnant!"

I also remember how I found out that Mom was pregnant. Along about August or September, Mom and I were outside between the wash house and the house, and Mom said to me, "do you like the name Sharon Joy?" and I might have said, Why do you want to know? { : )} or maybe I said, Yah, sure, and then Mom said, That is what we are going to name our baby if it's a girl." Wow!!

So have a good day, Sharon!

Love, Verla

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